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With a range of Telephone System connectivity options, @pabxdubai.com has the tools to support your business.

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For Enquiries call:   +971 4 4504145

For Enquiries call:      +971 4 4504145


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PABX DUBAI provides telephony solutions & Installation for companies,businesses,professional offices,hotels and public administrations with guaranteed value for money .PABX DUBAI offer wide variety of telephone systems Pbx / Pabx Solutions,and supply of telephony products all across the region. We cater for businesses of any size, and offer a diverse product range from basic two-user phone systems through to multi-user systems with 1000 users . we provide telephone systems,IP Phone systems, Digital Phone systems or Wireless phone systems, whether you are 2, 25 or up to 1000 employees. Just getting started or already established we have a phone system solution for your company. Small office ip phone system  technology delivers so much more today than just a dial tone.

Today, a small office phone system is increasingly part of a converged network—an Internet Protocol (IP) network that seamlessly ties together voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other business-critical communications tools and applications.We can help you get the best out of your telephone system.

PABX / PBX Telephone Systems

Are you Looking for Office Telephone System?

With wide choice of business telephone systems and highly professional service , We got you covered. We carry all the major brands that suite your needs. We deal With Avaya, Cisco, Nec, Dlink Panasonic, Yeastar and Panasonic Telephone System.

Call Us Now or Drop a mail .We will get back to with a telephony solution that exactly matches your Business needs.

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IP PABX stands for Internet Protocol Private Automatic Branch Exchange. In simple terms, it is an Office's own full-IP telecom system.Buy your PBX choosing from the wide range of  analog, digital, ISDN and VoIP systems available with us. We are a company specializing in VoIP and fixed telephony for businesses, offices, shops and accommodation in Dubai, UAE and offers a professional and timely service online and onsite . With a  voice/data solution for every business need, from small offices to branch locations to the largest multi-site business, we do have the  telephone systems and Gateways give you the flexible, scalable foundation you can use to economically and reliably deliver the rich telephony applications of ip telephony over your data network. Whether you are interested in upgrading your current telephone system or need advice on installation of digital or analogue lines, we are here to help.We understand the everyday problems that businesses face today, and as such we work closely with all our clients to implement fully integrated communications solutions.
We also implement additional features like voice-mail, computer telephony integration, call management software, call logging and call recording systems. Because of our wide range of experience and our commitment to service, we are the choice telephone systems provider for many small to medium sized business.

We have systems and PBXs of the following brands and models: