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With a range of Telephone System connectivity options, @pabxdubai.com has the tools to support your business.

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NEC Telephone System

Ideal system for SMBs that wish to compete and grow their business. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet any SMB’s communications needs now and in the future. The SV8100 protects the customer’s original investment. The proccessor is configured for 64 devices; but can growth up to 512 ports is simple with the addition of software . In this fragile economy it is more important than ever that your businesses communications run smooth and efficient at a cost that will not break your budget. Your business Is under pressure everyday to stay fruitful and a good telecommunications infrastructure is needed to keep things running like a well oiled machine. NEC gives you the tools to stay productive and connected.

We carry a number of NEC products aimed at allowing the small to medium sized business the ability to compete and keep the costs down. A small businesses phone system and unified communications infrastructure must be capable of growth and the ability to communicate in a manner fit with the technological times we live in.

NEC offers highly versatile phone systems capable of powering your small to medium sized business. NEC handles growth with the greatest of ease. Modular expansion slots allow you to grow your infrastructure without the need for replacing the old hardware.

The NEC  SV8100 Phone system is our top choice for small businesses looking for a great unified communications platform to excel their business into the next generation. The SV8100 is a fully scalable PBX phone system that can be upgraded to meet the needs of every small business that uses it. The SV8100 is configured to accept up to 64 native devices. With the addition of software liscences it is possible for the SV8100 to grow to over 512 devices.

The SV8100 delivers a feature rich pack of services at a great price. Small businesses will find the list of features more than acceptable for their needs. You get a laundry list of awesome features usually only available on much more expensive systems.

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